Utility NFT Nodes as a Service

Unique NFT nodes combining blockchain infrastructure utility and DeFi participation.

This is your Bushido

Why should you consider joining the Samurai journey?

Unique DeFi & NFT Gateway

DeFi Exposure

The protocol combines unique elements of DeFi, NFTs, RPC-embedded endpoints and governance

Ease, simplicity, clarity

Simple Setup

Samurai enables anyone to easily access and enter the world of web3 within one unified interface and dApp

Unconventional xHNR token emissions

Honour Rewards

Samurai issues xHNR governance token emissions to Samurai NFT node holders and liquidity providers

How does it work?

Find out how Samurai and its xHNR token function

Samurai NFT nodes can be considered a unique gateway to the world of DeFi, NFTs and blockchain infrastructure.
xHNR tokens are at the forefront of the protocol's governance structure. The protocol issues xHNR token emissions to Samurai NFT holders and liquidity providers. The emissions are continously refined and adjusted.
To learn more about the functionality of the Samurai protocol, its NFT nodes, governance and much more click here.

The Samurai Ecosystem

The Samurai protocol encompasses a wide-scope ecosystem of unique features, products and tools that are accessible to xHNR token holders and Samurai Node NFT holders.
Levels is a unique dApp that helps you improve your knowledge, skills and understanding across different fields through a gamified experience.
Zen Garden
Zen Garden is a unique staking solution that aims to incentivise liquidity provision for different protocols across different chains.
AI Writer
An AI tool enabling creators, influencers, copywriters and others to seamlessly automate and delegate the creative process of writing.
Become the Samurai!
Your journey starts now, brave Samurai. Are you ready to enter the DeFi battlefield?


Please be advised: This page sets forth speculation regarding a possible design of a potential future derivation and deployment of 'Samurai protocol' and the creation of new KTNA, KTNA V2, HNR, xHNR tokens. There is no guarantee or promise being made, or duty or obligation being assumed, or right being created or conferred hereby, and no contract or agreement is implied. There is no guarantee or assurance that new Samurai software will be created or deployed, or that any Samurai software which is created or deployed will adhere to the design or have all of the features described herein.

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Samurai protocol is open-source software. Accordingly, no single person or group controls what forks or derivations of Samurai protocol may be created in the future. There is no specific entity or entities that have promised or committed to develop the software described herein, and you should not have any expectation of continued software development or governance on the part of any specific person or persons.