Utility NFT Nodes-as-a-Service
Unique NFT nodes combining blockchain infrastructure utility and DeFi participation.
This is your Bushido
Why should you consider joining the Samurai journey?
Unconventional Yield Opportunities
DeFi Exposure
The protocol provides unparallel exposure to the world of DeFi with the use of nodes
Ease, simplicity, clarity
Simple Setup
The design of Samurai enables anyone to easily access and enter the world of DeFi with little knowledge and experience in the field.
Passive daily rewards in HNR
Honour Rewards
After you setup a node, your job is done. Lay back and enjoy your time. Rewards are distributed to all holders daily.
How does it work?
Find out how Samurai and its HNR token function
The Samurai protocol utilises HNR tokens to distribute predictable rewards to node owners daily. The rewards and incentive structures are continously refined and adjusted.
Honour nodes can be considered a passive gateway to the world of DeFi. Acquire HNR tokens, create a node and relax.
Node owners are enabled to be immersed and exposed to the world of DeFi through Samurai with minimal effort and active maintenance.
Your journey starts now, brave Samurai
Are you ready to enter the DeFi battlefield?